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Louise Deane MBACP

Integrative counselling in Chudleigh and Totnes


07745 146128


Counselling sessions at 

Kingsley House, 67 Fore Street, Chudleigh, TQ13 0HT


The Little Priory Offices, Totnes TQ9 5RW

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Louise Deane MBACP. Integrative Counsellor

Supportive and confidential

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Louise Deane MBACP. Integrative Counsellor

Supportive and confidential


Counselling is time dedicated to you, for you and about you, with someone who listens without judgement in a safe and confidential space.


There is no ‘magic’, but a conversation between two people - me listening to and engaging with, you.


It is not about giving you advice or telling you what to do. Whilst this might feel strange I believe you are the expert in yourself, through talking, and my interest in what you are saying, we work together on discovering what might be keeping you stuck. Speaking about your problems can take some of the sting out of it. By offering you some relief, from there you can gain a better understanding of your difficulties and begin to live your life in a more fulfilled and enriched way.


I work with individuals who suffer from:


· Anxiety


· Depression


· Low self esteem


· Low self worth


I also work with parents. Some of the parenting challenges I have worked with include:


· Blended families.


· Loss of a child to adoption and the care system.


· Parental adoption issues e.g. post adoption depression.


· Being overwhelmed by the role of parenting.


· Being confused by a child’s behaviour.







I believe that in the appropriate circumstances, everyone can benefit from counselling.

Louise Deane MBACP. Integrative Counsellor

Supportive and confidential


· Loss


· Lack of purpose in life


· Relationship difficulties


· Domestic violence

Case study:


Martha, an adoptive parent of 2, came to counselling as she was worried about feelings of being overwhelmed, and she feared she was not managing the day to day task of parenting her children or managing her relationships.


She told me she felt increasingly irritated and had a general lack of joy in her life.


Her children had been with her and her partner for a few years; they both required support in school and could present with very challenging behaviour which required Martha’s full attention.


Martha had a difficult childhood and her relationship with her mother remained tense, Martha not feeling she was coming up to her mother’s standards.


She had a part time professional job to which she was very committed but it took a lot of her energy.


After talking for a few sessions Martha told me she wanted to focus on her relationship with her mother in the hope of understanding and improving it.


Together we were able to find ways she could feel stronger in her dealings with her mother and feel more in control and confident in her parenting.